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Available size: 150g
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Face & Body Wash (Temporarily out of stock) Back to product index
Soap and sulphate free

Stimulate your senses with organic rosemary and organic lime. This gel is non-drying and enriched with moisturising oils to gently lift dirt and leave you feeling fresh and clean. Suitable for skin affected by allergies, psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema and removes excess oiliness from acne prone skin.

Major Beneficial Ingredients:

Contains Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil (an omega-3 good oil) for healthy skin. Promotes elasticity and suppleness to make skin feel younger and more vibrant. Certified Organic Lime and a mix of organic veggie oils act as an antioxidant and purifier to gently lift dirt, cleansing your skin and leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

Suggested Uses:
A great shower gel from head to toe, a reviving bath soak and re-fresher when used in the sink to splash your face.

Additional Tips:
You don't need to use very much due to the concentrated formulation.

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